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Joshua Beall - Olomouc Czech Republic 

Sunday July 31st for our Adult Class we were given the opportunity to listen to Joshua as he informed us of the success of this years summer efforts in the Czech Republic. He and his team were assisted again this year by teams from the RFCs

There were two interns that spend considerable time there this year, as well as a large contingent of RFCs on their summer mission.

As it has been in the past, it was a wonderful experience for all. Glory to our Lord.

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Reconnect Weekend

Reconnect Weekend Overview

Reconnect Weekend Overview


Our weekend takes a three-part look at the spirit, soul and body.


We begin with spiritual intimacy as a couple—the basis of any change starts with God.  Our spouse is a gift from God; our marriages are to glorify God.  Using God’s Word, we look at praying for your spouse, not about your spouse, and then move to praying with your spouse.


Fundamental to establishing and maintaining emotional intimacy, couples must spend time together, learning to have fun together and to have intimate conversation.  Both structured and unstructured time for conversation have their purpose.  These moments promote an affectionate relationship and emotional closeness.


As a continuation of affection, we look at its companion of physical intimacy…closely related to affection, but not the same thing.  God’s perspective is key to having balance in this area. We continue using Scripture to address how we can cooperate with God to accomplish His purpose in our marriage.


This weekend is designed to look at positive behaviors that will move us toward intimacy.  That means we also investigate how to eliminate the negative behaviors that threaten an intimate relationship—and how to develop forgiveness, a pivotal behavior to move forward and to safeguard and preserve intimacy.


Without being simplistic, we talk about our actions in marriage and how they affect all three of these areas of intimacy, either positively or negatively.  Our sessions include short, humorous videos for emphasis along with interactive activities for small groups or individual couples.  The personal interaction helps everyone make practical application of the session material.


We hope you’ll join us for an enriching weekend of reconnection.



                                                          Owen and Lauren Mitchell

                                                          Reconnect Weekend Facilitators

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Razorbacks For Christ is a local mission work for Mount Comfort Church of Christ.

Razorbacks For Christ

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